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Lia James is an ordinary, British girl, carefree in life, and with a basic job that allows her to lead a simple life.Her best friend is blessed with everything she can dream of; Graduating with the best grades, and a profession that allows her to travel to corners of the world, that not even Lia can imagine.A sudden stroke of luck arrives when Mila invites her on a trip to attend an international business convention, and why not take her weekend in the most coveted islands of Saudi Arabia with everything paid for? One night, in celebration of Mila's new position, they receive a call that will change all of Lia's plans and her entire life.Between lies and entanglements, Lia supplants the position of her friend, to work with an important Sheik who finds it impossible to breathe in her presence. Saeed is not only the Emir of an entire country, he is the man of the desert who keeps secrets that no one can learn because it would ruin his monarchy and his entire life...

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62 chapters
Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government, and its economic and political capital is Kuwait City. The country is considered one of the most liberal in the region.This government has the fifth-largest oil reserves in the world, a natural resource that currently accounts for 87% of its exports and 75% of its government income, thanks to which its citizens enjoy the eighth largest income globally. The World Bank ranks Kuwait as a high-income state and the United States has designated it as a major non-NATO ally. Its diminutive is al-kūt: "the fortress"As it is a constitutional monarchy, it has been governed by the Al-amad dynasty since the 18th century. The Emir or Sheikh is the head of state, who represents the executive power. The current Emir, Saeed Abdullah Al-amad, ascended the throne on August 25, 2020, following the esoteric assassination of his father, Hamad Abdullah.There is the figure of the prime minister, who is usually a member of the
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Chapter 1
“Will they let us wear swimsuits there?” Lia asked as she packed her suitcase and looked at her friend Mila.“You can but only in hotels or resorts. Most of the time the citizens of that country would not be in these places. But on public beaches, it would be a big, No.”Lia twisted her lips staring at the two-piece bikini that she found on promotion for being an old collection, and though she could wear those two beach bikinis that she never considered necessary to wear and had never worn in her life.“It’s good to respect their culture,” she said, opening her drawer and taking the dresses that still had a tag on them.Mila had stayed at her house last night.It had been a week since she had given her the big news, and even though they were only a few hours away from leaving for Saudi Arabia, it seemed like a lie that she, a woman whom life had not taken much pity on, was going to visit a country that had always attracted her attention and that she had always dreamed of visiting.Lia
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Chapter 2
Although sleep was taking over Lia, she couldn't help but part her lips in wonder when she set her foot out of the luxury car that picked them up at the airport sent by the hotel.They both had a kind of scarf that they improvised with the help of the flight attendants, to heighten a kind of Hijab on their heads, no one stepping on Saudi Arabian soil could enter without this attire.This country was counted as one of the most rigid of the Arab countries, right there where the Mecca was located, and for the believers, it was considered their sacred place.It must have been at least seven o'clock in the morning in England, But from what Lia researched, right now in Riyadh, it was nine o'clock in the morning. Two hours difference.The hotel across the street from her was an exaggeration of luxury. Right now she didn't understand how they could pay Mila for her stay here, and also allow her to bring an attendant. The shudder of embarrassment instantly washed over her as she folded her arm
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Chapter 3
The moment their car door was opened for them, Lia averted her gaze to the beautiful modern-antique building where they were being dropped off for the important dinner Mila was to attend.She had chosen a black dress, Greek-style, along with a hijab that had been her favorite while shopping with her friend. She had never dressed this way, but Lia felt like royalty just by wearing the outfit.She had even been impressed by how well it fit her slim, not-so-tall body. It made her look slimmer and highlighted points she never found in herself.Yes, it was a smile that kept her face from relaxing all the time. “Who would have imagined that an account manager, locked in an old rotten office, today, would be here in Riyadh amid luxury, and about to evidence a meeting with rulers of Arab countries?” That, one could only imagine, Lia thought, and now she was living in the moment.A shiver ran through her body from the excitement, walking, escorted as if she were someone important while her fri
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Chapter 4
“Who are you?” She dared to ask as she felt that she was more interested than ever in knowing his identity, although, most likely after a name, she would not know who he was, she did not know anyone in that place, but she wanted to know, that was enough, for now.Lia saw how the man moved a little, but instantly stopped without moving out of the dim little light where he was, so he decided to take the initiative and say his name first.“I am...”“Lia...!” The girl turned suddenly at the interruption, and she could see that Mila was smiling in front of her. “I'm done here, we can go, right now!”Her friend leaned her hand forward, but she turned to look around the corner first, to see that the mysterious man was no longer there.She felt some disappointment and her face did not hide that feeling. “What's wrong?” Mila stopped, looking at her with concern.“It's nothing,” She denied. “I think I saw something I always imagined, and it's just gone now.”Mila smiled in denial at Lia's madne
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Chapter 5
Lia's tears trickled down her cheeks as her friend leaned her hand forward waving goodbye, shaking her head sideways.She didn't even know if the trembling in her body was normal, she just twitched too hard with an uneasiness in her chest that wouldn't go away.Ahmed was beside her waiting silently, and even though she had a thousand things to do as Mila explained, she didn't move a foot from the place, nor did she want to understand that she had a very dark road ahead of her.“First, you must tell him that your name is Mila Jones...”Lies... that's what she had to execute since she had to attend the meeting with the Sheikh, and Mila had made it clear to her that, she moved the appointment forward half an hour so that Almer and his companion would have no choice but to keep quiet. According to her, she would explain the situation to her bosses, but she wasn't sure about that.At least she had the rest of the day to go through the details. So she would think things over very well, and
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Chapter 6
“What was the reason for the retorts in his body?” He still didn't know, but the only thing that was clear to him was, that for a woman to generate this kind of reaction in him, was a novelty.It was absolutely clear that, after that Bedouin war in his beloved desert, his life had changed from day to night, not only because of the worry that added to his shoulders but also because of the dissatisfaction with his body.Saeed, along with his most indispensable men, had been ambushed as someone daggered his back in the dark ruining the trust. Willing to negotiate at his father's command with his Bedouin clan, they were victims of an attack, with explosive mines, the people along with him who traveled to the desert, were seriously wounded.Many of his men died and some were left with wounds that damaged parts of their bodies and even permanent immobility of limbs, and in his case, some burns that left scars.But that was not the most important thing for Saeed, the scars for him were only
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Chapter 7
Lia waited calmly and silently as Almer, and his companion left, giving her one last look.She was sure that right now they would go to her hotel to wait for her, but she would worry about all that later. She had other matters to be focused on now, and his piercing look was only making her nerves unsettled.She had no option be afraid, even if there was a lie between her new boss and her, she had to keep her head up, because somehow it wasn't her lie, and here she was helping a friend. Besides, that man was only her work partner for a short time, in a few months, she would only remember this as an episode, and she was sure, she would never have to witness his world... in the world, she had dreamed to be in for years."Miss James..."Her eyes roamed from the door through which Almer disappeared, and took them to... Saeed.“I promise I'll tell you like this only in my mind,” She thought trying not to smile, placing her hands under the table. They had never sweated her, but right now the
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Chapter 8
Lia couldn't help but vibrate when she got out of that limo. The warm air that hit her face helped her breathe better, right now she just walked without stopping, feeling those black eyes on top of her behind her back. She didn't turn, nor did she witness from the corner of her eye if the car and the whole Sheikh's security committee had left, her only goal was to wave at the entrance, take out her electronic key, and go to the elevator to get to her room quickly. “Lia... that's a nice name,” She remembered the way he pronounced it in that thick mouth, and after the elevator doors closed, her eyes were pressed close. “God... What am I going to do with my life?” Her lips twitched and so she had to press them together hard. “Would Mila know how handsome this man she was going to work with was, she couldn't help but laugh to herself at the thought that she had imagined a 50-year-old man.” “What an old man!” She went into her room and took off her hijab and jacket to quickly open th
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Chapter 9
“I need to let you know that Kuwait is not as rigid a country as Saudi Arabia,” Lia blinked, trying to avert her eyes from his mouth, to concentrate on the conversation.That in addition to the dilemma she had inside her because she knew her little lie.“Although our women respect Islam very much, many choose not to wear Hijab, however, even though some prefer to wear it, they do not wear it in the presence of the family. I know that you do not know our culture very well, and if there is something you do not want to do like keeping your hijab, you shouldn't do it.....”Lia nodded, she didn't mind having it, she thought it was a beautiful garment, but she liked to know that there was respect, first of all, and that it was not part of an obligation, like in other Arab countries.“Good to know...” She answered, taking some of the breakfast that was already served to them.It was kind of funny to see him eating, it was too natural, and it seemed that the man was very transparent in his pe
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